Thursday, February 9, 2017

Valentine’s Day marketing

As the end of January came, I started to see valentine day sales started to prop up all over the internet, especially the ones which had to do with flowers and chocolates, as the season of love heats up not only in the U.S. but also around the world. But nowhere it is more prominent as it is in the U.S. cause it is like black Friday for flower business (also on Mother’s day too). And it is not only flower shops that are counting their dollars for this day as jewelry stores and websites gear to advertise more and more in hopes of appealing to your heart to get stuff for their loved ones. Although people try to spend carefully all year long but especially for this occasion the marketers pull all the punch and try to induce guilt associated with not giving something special to their loved ones and supposedly force people on even very limited budget (like me) to splurge something even if it is a token gesture of love. Although I do spend some money on this occasion but it is really ridiculous that if you are trying to buy some flowers on this day, the prices become ridiculously outrageous and the one dozen red roses which on normal days may cost fifteen dollars becomes sixty or more and then if you want to include vase and some chocolates it can easily top hundred or more. The same can be said of the Mother’s day. So if you want to splurge some money on your loved ones, order early so that you can get a good deal and still be able to show your loved one you do care.

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