Saturday, February 4, 2017

More illegal immigrants are heading towards U.S.

Just finished reading the latest article about migrants from south America stuck in Mexico with no place to as they try to enter the U.S. one way or the other now that it is becoming increasingly difficult to cross it. Most of them are Haitians but there is no shortage of citizens from other Central American countries who are staying in small areas. They are mostly trying to escape poverty and violence that is plaguing their countries. Haitians were the favored ones since the earthquake that devastated their country and they were allowed to enter the U.S. without any visa but even before the election that policy had stopped and now with the new U.S. administration, it will be very difficult for them to enter the U.S. Since most of the migrants main point of entry is near the U.S- Mexico border, they are stuck in places wishing and waiting to enter as soon as the opportunity arises. Now here is my question, how many people can the U.S. take in even with poverty and violence spreading in Central and South America? Is it really feasible that the U.S. keeps on taking these migrants and another wave also start coming in thinking that the U.S. will keep on absorbing these migrants. I have sympathy but there should be some sort of legal way these migrants should be allowed to enter. It is no wonder that there is anger in America regarding the pace of immigration legal or otherwise that is overwhelming and altering the spirit of welcome that the U.S. is so famous for. In this instance, the U.S. is right to start pick and chose which migrants it will take and which will be left behind. Like in a war, the migrant situation will have its winners and losers.

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