Friday, November 21, 2014

Will an end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict bring peace to the Middle East?-3

But even if both sides agree to a solution (not likely) and there is peace between these two parties, what is the guarantee that some crazy person or organization bent on sabotaging the peace do something horrible and kill some people. And if you are still hopeful about the whole Israeli-Palestinian issue, you don’t have to look much further than the so called Arab spring that swept the Arab world recently. I had been following closely this event and despite various efforts on my part there was no mention of the plight of the Palestinian people or the issue dealing with the Israeli state. Everybody was worried about where their next food will come from and protesting the dictatorial regimes in which they had no say. Maybe some fringe elements in some Arab countries were vocal about this Palestinian issue but nobody was worried about them as much as they cared about improving their own lot. And if you are not convinced still, you can see by the latest war between Israel and Hamas that no Arab country was vocal enough to support Palestinians in it since they are already hampered by their own economies or do not agree with a certain stand that Hamas the organization representing Palestinian people in Gaza Strip was taking. And still people are not convinced then they should see all the mayhem that is going on in the Middle East in the name of religion as these so called religious fanatics slaughter people in the name of not religion but their particular sect. My question here is does killing of Muslim minorities by particular Muslim sect has anything do with Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

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