Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday work

I know that it really is hateful to work on Black Friday, the day after thanksgiving in the last week of November every year in the U.S. While most or even all the schools are closed and children are asleep at home, some of their fathers and mothers have to get up and go to work where most of the private sector employees are enjoying a long weekend. And I am one of them working this day while some of my colleagues have taken off. It is a quiet day for some, busy for some as only the United States is closed on Thanksgiving and slow on Friday the next day but the world is working and since we deal with international clientele also, they send us email which remains unanswered till we are here on Friday. Most of the mood of the employees this Friday is not that great as they see their work as not essential as the offices are half staffed and the majority of the private ones closed. But hey looking at the brighter side (if there is any) I discovered or rather enjoyed by traffic free drive to work, trains and buses are empty so you can have a seat if you want to (if you have a good transit system in your city). There is less foot traffic in the streets and the overall atmosphere is calm. Depending upon where you work, if you office is open, the work flow maybe less but still everybody is getting jealous of their colleagues who have taken this day off to enjoy with their families or just relax at home. It is a mixed blessing but mostly it still sucks to work even on a quiet day like this.

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