Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How big is Space?

Nobody knows as the scientists keep on guessing the length and the breadth of the space on which they have little to no knowledge. It is just a guessing name for now but I am afraid nobody will ever know how vast and deep the space is. Although I have written about the mysteries of space and what we don’t know about it (nothing), but the vastness of the space fascinates me. I was just looking at a article about how some star scientists have discovered whose light is just reaching us after around some billion of light years away and I was blown by the sheer number of miles it is. Imagine a light year is equal to number of miles the light travels in a year which is roughly equal to 186,000 miles per second so you can do the math. And if it is millions or billions of light years away, you can just imagine how vast the space is. According to some estimates the human beings have been here on earth maybe a billion or a million years or anything in between, the scientists are not so sure about when the human beings arrive since they keep on discovering evidence putting different dates to the human existence. But whatever the date, it is only recently that we have started to reach out to space and only in our own galaxy. As such we are just guessing that we have 100 billion galaxies and in it we have 100 billion stars in every galaxy (I have read this somewhere don’t know the source and I have already mentioned this once before in my blog).

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