Friday, November 14, 2014

The thrill seeking individuals-2

The other thing that I work on from time to time is the fear of heights, it just seems that whenever I am up there and I look down, I just feel dizzy and strange thoughts comes to my mind like jumping. Although every time I am up there, I try to convince myself that I should not have that kinds of thoughts but it keeps on coming but I am also stubborn and keep on going up and looking down. Although it is not as thrill seeking as like bungee jumping or riding a roller coaster (which I did recently this year at Disney World®) or jumping from a plane or putting myself in harm's way, but for me this is thrill seeking or I should say fear conquering activity that I confront. But I am still fascinated and sometimes start to doubt the sanity of people who try to defy death by doing things which will in some circumstances can bring your life to an end. Some of these people do it for money but most do it for their own satisfaction and accomplishment since there is nothing more compelling than you doing it for your own pleasure. Although I salute these thrill seekers but for me the biggest motivator will be money but even some feats that these thrill seekers do is not worth the money to put your life in danger and also give pain to your loved ones. But to see these people do incredible feats is in itself a thrill and you must give them credit for pushing themselves to prove how far the human strength and determination can take them.

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