Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I don’t write about pets-2

And if you go to a grocery store, sometimes a whole aisle is dedicated to pet related stuff. Sometimes it surprises me that even poor people with food stamps in their hands buy pet food so that their pets don’t go hungry. Then if you have been to New York city, there is a huge kennel show going on for decades where the owners proudly display their dogs and ultimately the best one wins ( I don’t know the criteria since I have not attended it once, one of reasons being I don’t have a dog at home). Two years ago, I went with my nieces and sister to a cat show in Rhode Island and saw many cats and their owners who were selling cats and then my sister's brother in law adopted a cat from a animal shelter in Boston. And I have seen people walking their dogs during even snow time. And I have also seen people carrying their dogs onto trains in their handbags. And although I have been talking about dogs as pets, there are millions of households with cats and other animals in their houses who care for them. I have a fish in the house, which for all practical purposes is a pet but for me it is not a pet as I don’t cuddle with it and I don’t walk it and keep it beside me. It just stays in a glass aquarium and we (meaning my whole family) feed it from time to time. There are pet hotels and pet grooming places along with pet day care where people drop off their pets to be taken care of while they are at work.

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