Monday, November 10, 2014

If mommy bloggers then why not Daddy bloggers

If you see on the internet, there are lots of the so called Mommy bloggers where they write about their daily routines, their activities with their babies and kids and their hobbies and activities that is happening around them. Some of them have been successful enough that they have created substantial regular income just by writing about it. A lots of news highlight this mommy bloggers and some advertisers activity court them in order to be in front of millions of those women who are mothers and who are staying at home to take care of their babies but have substantial control over the budget of their families. In all this, nobody has cared to see whether only Mommies take care of their babies and the Daddies don’t have any input. In fact there is really a shortage of Daddy bloggers and even if there are, it is not highlighted in the media and advertisers tend to ignore them. Although I am a father and I blog too but not about what I do with my kids and that is sorely lacking about what the dads interests are and what their daily routine is. Besides going to the office and back (which increasingly number of mommies does to) I am sure there are lots of dads who actively take part in taking care of their kids and participate in their interests and school activities. There is a dire need to bring a balance to the blogging issue and men should be taking active part in chronicling what they do and what their interests are so that the society does not assume that only mommy is responsible and takes care of their kids while the dads just watch sports or do other manly stuff. Taking care of your kids is also a very manly stuff and if dads take time out to blog about their activities I am sure the perception about them being a hands off parent would change too.

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