Thursday, November 20, 2014

Will an end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict bring peace to the Middle East?

First of all my condolences to all the people killed in the Synagogue attack in Israel as well as all the people killed on religious beliefs and ethnic identities around the world. I am not going to go into the detail of what is happening to significant religious and ethnic minorities around the world as it will become a topic later on somewhere in my blog. As my title says, an overwhelming majority of Muslims say that the main issue in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the occupation of the Arab lands in Israel (including some say Israel itself). And this they blame it for all the ills that affect the Muslim world in particular and the world in general. The Palestinian supporters say that if Israelis return the land to Palestine there will be lasting peace. I maybe in the vocal minority, since most of the majority may also feel that way that this is not going to happen. Since I was little I have been hearing this conflict from different angles and I don’t see any resolution to this conflict in the near or far future. For the optimists, who are always positive or very utopian type, every time there is a chance of peace in the Middle East (specifically Israel and Palestine) somebody is out there to ruin it for the peace loving people. But the fact is there is never peace but just a lull in between wars. As long as both sides think and act that they are on the right path no amount of peace exists. It is only that some people are not killed in the peace time era but eventually this illusion of peace is shattered now and then by some extremist measures on both sides.

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