Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I don’t write about pets

A big question since if you have been reading my blogs, there will hardly be any topics related to pets or related issues. So the question is why I don’t write about them. I know that pets are a huge industry and people take care of their pets and make them part of their family and even call them their sons and daughters and if anything happens to them like sickness or surgery, they even tend to skip office to attend to their needs. If you drive through small towns in New Jersey where I live, you will see towns with less than 12,000 have animal hospitals in them ( I covered animal hospitals in my earlier posts). There are animal graveyards and people go to extreme lengths to make sure their pets are given the best food, house and other necessities that human beings enjoy. Just to give you some examples, one family in Australia did not wanted to part away from their gold fish who have developed a tumor, so they paid a surgeon around 200 dollars or so to remove it and the gold fish survived. One of another example that you may encountered is when the pet dies away and you see so many tears in their owner's eyes that you assume that their family member has died (and for some they are). Then if by chance the pet runs away from home or is lost, the owners go out of their way to advertise them all over the place and offer rewards for finding their beloved pet.

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