Thursday, November 6, 2014

The right time to breakup-2

Like marriage, there is a thing call compromise, you can be angry with your partner and don’t talk for a while but you forgive and reconcile knowing his good attributes far outweigh the bad one which may be just a bad judgment call, a mistake, a blunder, a lapse of judgment, in some spur of the moment, being angry and taking out the frustration one time only and any other of the human things that people do when they make wrong decisions that they think affect them only but hurts their loved ones in the process too. You have invested too much time and your emotions (not to talk about the financial factor) that you will just jump your partner for trivial matters which you have in a fit of anger thought were of highly significant nature. Before even you go to this length, although you should treat other as adults but as you know adults to make mistakes, there should a level of threshold that you should talk about that you would not tolerate any mistake whether intentional or not. I point is that you cannot just breakup during a certain time to avoid the comments of people and you have to work it between yourself that what made you fall in love in the first place despite all the annoying habits that each one of you had. Once that is settled then you can compromise on certain things and try to build a relationship free from lies and threats of each other. But in case you really are adamant in dumping your partner, you need not wait for a certain time of the year and tolerate them until then, you can break up any time of the year if you feel that all your efforts at reconciliation have failed and you have lost interest and have fallen out of love with the person who you were certain you would spend your life with and can't live without.

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