Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The bombing at India-Pakistan Border-2

As the much touted military operation is going on, there was hope that the suicide bombings would decrease and in fact they have decreased but with the fragmentation of the Taliban groups, there are now many smaller groups who have now joined with ISIS to wage war against the weak government of Pakistan. I know no matter how much you can secure your country, there will always be someone willing and able enough to penetrate some security hurdles to do what he/she is supposed to do but I think that there should a fundamental thinking on the part of Pakistan regarding its support of these organization to further its utopian agenda to get the disputed region of Kashmir or bleed India into submission. The use of so called Jihad as a foreign policy is doing great harm to the country as the so called Jihad is now being directed towards Pakistan itself. After a few days, people tend to forget about the bombing till the next one and it has been happening for such a long time that people have resigned themselves to being killed. But the Pakistani state should rethink its strategy of what to do with all these militant organizations who despite all the military operations keep on hitting on the poor people of Pakistan. A new kind of open talk should be initiated and sponsoring of these organizations whether covertly or overtly should be stopped.

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