Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I don’t write about pets-3

Then there is a huge accessories industry for the pets where you decorate your pets in different seasonal clothing like Christmas and Halloween and if it is cold then sweaters and other things to make them stay warm. It is not only the young but all ages of life cater to their pets and have them. You would rarely see a house without some sort of pet in there and if they don’t have it then the kids ask why not. Especially the people who live alone have at least one pet with them and I have see beggars and homeless people on the streets with their pets begging for money and food. My point in all this is that at least here in the United States and I believe based on what I see on television and read, there is a growing number of households with at least one and even multiple pets to enjoy their company in every age group. So as I said before since I my pet is a fish, the only thing I do is to watch it since my wife takes care of cleaning the tank and feed it , sometimes my kid feeds it too. But since you cannot take the fish out on a walk or cuddle with them or even talk to them (some may even do),I don’t write about pets very much (or negligible) but that does not mean that I don’t like pets. The pets I have described above mostly relate to dogs or cats. I don’t have either, although some dog and cat breeds are great to be around.

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