Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The bombing at India-Pakistan Border

A few days ago there was a bombing on the Pakistan's side of the border with India. It was the only border crossing between the Pakistani city of Lahore and the Indian city of Amritsar in northern Pakistan and India. It was a routine day there when both sides use a ceremony to lower their flags in the evening ( I have been there so I know the area and the ceremony). As usual there was a huge crowd witnessing this ceremony and when the ceremony was done, people were leaving when a suicide bomber (initial reports indicate) detonated his bomb and killed almost 50 people and injured dozens others. All the deaths occurred on the Pakistani side and the claims were made by some militant groups that it was to the response of the Military operations going on against them in the northern part of the country bordering Afghanistan. There have been now more threats by the same militant groups that if they can kill on the Pakistani side, they can do the same for the Indian side. In this bombing kids, adults and women got killed who had come to enjoy a supposedly secured ceremony and now they are dead at the hands of these so called Muslims. Nothing happened to the Indian side as now you can witness that Muslims for whatever twisted reasons have killed more Muslims than the non-Muslims. And some even point to the toleration of the security establishment in Pakistan which have harbored and nurtured these groups for their supposedly Jihad against India but now they have come back to bite the hand that feed them.

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