Friday, November 21, 2014

Will an end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict bring peace to the Middle East?-2

Every U.S. President since the creation of Israel has been fighting for the elusive peace but to no avail as neither sides except each other the right to exist. There was the Israeli-Arab war in the early seventies when Israeli with a population equal to New York city showed who had the actual power as the Arab armies were pounded (no matter how you see it because Arabs blame the U.S. of taking sides) but apart from that the war showed that Arabs are no match for the Israelis and then Egypt and Jordan signed a peace treaty with Israel knowing if I say bluntly that being in a constant state of war with Israel is futile and harmful for their economies and its people. But after getting ten of billions of dollars Israel has advanced to the status of an advanced country while Egypt and Jordan are still struggling with poverty and still dependent on U.S. grants to keep them afloat. I do not understand this unless I go to those countries to find out what went wrong but that is another topic. But the issue of Palestinian homeland remains there even when it has become somewhat of an exercise in frustration with all the peace initiatives and dialogues between enemies who are not ready to let go of anything. The Israelis want the Arab nations and specifically the Palestinians to explicitly declare the right of the state of Israel to exist in return for peace and the Palestinians insist on their so called right to return policy of all Palestinians exiled since 1945.

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