Saturday, November 22, 2014

Will an end to Israeli-Palestinian conflict bring peace to the Middle East?-4

I have seen far more Muslims killed by other Muslims than this Israeli-Palestinian conflict has. I know that Palestinian people have been suffering for a long time but there is always a give and take in all conflicts. And the Muslims despite all the talk are in no urgent mood to tackle this conflict head on. Although I admit that resolving this conflict will take out a major excuse for the Muslims to blame the West for the disturbance in the Muslims world but it would not bring peace to the Middle East. There are many issues and resolving this, which I don’t see it anytime soon (like in years or decades later) will not bring the much needed and touted peace to that area. As I said that even with dialogue going in fits and starts, it will be impossible to bring both the parties to the table as they are not even keen to find a solution to little problems. I believe that there are elements with vast majorities on each side who are not keen to resolve this issue but do it from time to time under U.S. pressure or just to show the world that they are at least trying to do something about it. Even if for example the Israelis and the Palestinian decide on day that they want peace and recognize it whole heartedly (assuming all the issues are resolved), there will be people outside that will stay claim for the destruction of Israel and removal of it from Arab lands. This issue is not going to resolved and that is way each of them like it as it suits them well in their own interests and keep this issue as the major cause of conflict in the Middle East which it is to some extent but not the only one.

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