Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is America a violent society?-2

But does a homogeneous society make for a peaceful one too. The answer maybe yes and no. I have already told you about Japan and small European countries which seems to be peaceful but if you look at South America and Africa, there are many countries with equally homogeneous population but are sometimes more violent then the U.S. one. And I believe that guns can be one reason some of the nations are peaceful and some are not but again if you look at Switzerland, there is gun in every house by law but again their crime rate is low. But back to the U.S. we as a society are made up of different ethnicities and different cultures; essentially we are a nation of immigrants. The vastness of the country compels some of us to own guns to protect our lives and property but we are also a nation of laws and most of the people are peace loving and docile, it is just that when people see our television and movies it will seem that we are a violent society. But despite the perception of the U.S. being a violent society, overall our crime rate has been falling every year and generally it is now safe to walk the streets of some big cities at night. But like in any country even the peaceful ones, you need to be careful and take care of yourself as there is no substitute for being alert and vigilant. This is I am telling you by experience since I have been to two big European countries and have lived in Asia for a long time. So safety is a personal issue and perception should not deter you from a visiting a country as there are both good and bad people in every country.

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