Thursday, November 6, 2014

The right time to breakup

This topic always creeps up during the holiday season that what is the best time to dump your boyfriend or girlfriend if you really are not getting along. Some say before Thanksgiving, some say before Christmas and some say after the holidays are over. Why do people differ on the dates people dump their partners and why dump them right at the time of holidays and is there no way to reconcile? The reason for dumping before Thanksgiving, Christmas maybe the fact that they don’t want to give presents or introduce their soon to be ex to their parents and families. But on the other hand there are some who say that we should dump our partners after the holidays because we don’t want to be alone in this season of job and the invitation people get to attend parties, cuddle or just stopping nagging comments from your relatives that you are alone or how come you did not bring your boyfriend (if you don’t have one) and other silly reasons. But irrespective of dates dumping strategy you might approach, why do you have to dump a person whom you have fallen in love. I can understand that after a weeks, if things does not work out, you try to gently end the relationship, but if you are in a relationship for months, if the other person have not done something gravely wrong (like cheating or ending up in jail or harming you, you decide which one is your threshold of tolerance for forgiveness), can't you not try to reconcile with your partner.

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