Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it isn't

It is use to be that picture was worth a thousand words and it seems to be true today to but to an extent. Everybody knows that what you can say with one picture, you cannot describe with one thousand words that is why you see that people want to take pictures and expose themselves and where they have visited on many websites. Even when writing a blog, people tend to add pictures when describing a subject matter if possible so that the people can see what the blogger was doing at that particular time for the article that he/she is writing about. I have not posted any of the pictures on my blog not because I don’t want too but I did not have the chance to go to so many places and sometimes out of fear that I may violate some picture which is copyrighted and I may land into some legal trouble which I am least prepared to any time now or in the future. Maybe I will post pictures sometimes in the future to give my readers a glimpse of what a picture can say than many words. But with the rise of the so much technological advances in photography and photo editing software, it feels like the pictures are not worth the same anymore. Now we have seen that pictures can be deceiving since people can photo edit a picture and put something else or somebody 's else in that picture to give it a look that the person was there at the particular time.

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