Sunday, November 2, 2014

Learning to swim-2

As I told you before that by the end of the my swimming class, I will need to go back again to learn more as I was not feeling comfortable about the level of expertise that I have achieved and since my class ended recently I am no where as I was expecting myself to be. Apart from front float and back float, there was gliding and treading, jumping the pool, and paddling etc. I think that I was the last one who was still holding onto a noodle or a kickboard and a belt to float and even that time I was not properly floating or back floating. I just kept on going to the bottom of the pool which is no go. There is so much coordination that I did not know that swimming is going to be much harder than driving a car. Although if you know how to swim and drive, you will know that both needs coordination but swimming needs more coordination than in driving. There is seems to be the coordination of the foot and the legs and the hands and the arms and the mouth and the head and the neck and everything else in between and on top of that make sure that you are also breathing. I wish I would have learned swimming since I was little but now is not late either but since the winter is here, I will start going back again to beginning swimming classes and will learn it even if it takes me a year to do so.

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