Sunday, November 23, 2014

A real snow day in Buffalo, New York

If you have not heard this yet, there was a snow apocalypse in Buffalo, New York, a city near Lake Erie in western New York, where almost 8 feet of snow fell equaling the total of full year in three days according to some reports. I live in the New York area and the news that is trickling down here and the pictures that are being shown looks like a town under siege with everything buried in snow. I was just telling my co-workers that if our business was in that area, we would not be even able to go to work to our alternative site. And we in the New York region complain about six inches or more of snow that we have to clean up and I see this and I say wow it would take days just to clean up and then wait for it to melt. And the sad part is that the season has not even started yet and they have already gotten the snow for the whole year. Although the housing is cheaper there and this is one of the reasons as people are leaving it for a little bit warmer climate. I feel for them digging out and then trying to go on with their daily lives. It is already tough there and with all this snow life really becomes a struggle. I love snow and the cold season it brings but if the snow spreads over the season that is fine with me but I am not sure I would like to have this kind of massive snow storm in three days and waiting for more to come.

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