Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words and sometimes it isn't -2

And there have been many cases where some people have edited some pictures to put a public figure in that picture which they have defend for a time till the picture is term fake or as they say photo shopped. It just make you cautious about what picture is real and what is fake as now many magazines try to make their cover girls look thin from what they are really are and immediately some people cry foul over it and then all people get caught in the frenzy of condemning the fake picture. It is a scary situation since you never know what your enemies can do with your pictures taken that they can insert whatever dirt and filth that they can insert in your picture to make you look bad and maybe in the process ruin your reputation and shatter the peaceful life that you exist right now. Now most of the time if you see some scandalous pictures in the magazine or on the internet, you need to be skeptical about it. Somebody in the print department (with orders from management) may have edited the picture to make the person featured look skinny and then you start to wonder about what is the real picture. I can understand some of your enemies editing your picture to make you look bad but why does the print magazines have to go to extra lengths to make the picture fit into certain societal stereotype. Our teenagers are already having body image problems; they don’t want any assistance from the media to aggravate the situation.

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