Friday, November 28, 2014

Drowning in debt and Black Friday deals

I have been tracking this Black Friday deals for a long time, not looking for anything particular but just seeing how crazier it has become and how nauseating it is to see it all happen. I am not here to discuss how we all fall into a trap of getting lured into these black Friday deals. No I am talking about how a person already drowning in debt has to see all these tempting ads right in front of every newspaper and also on the internet and then enticing them to go out and further dig a debt hole for yourself. Then there are stories about how people line up outside stores to get their favorite or desired stuff at supposedly steep discounts and here the person who does not have money to begin with really feels depressed and angry at his/her situation. In this situation a lot of self control is needed otherwise people have been known to go into debt every holiday season. I am also one of the millions of people who are subjected to these tempting ads but thankfully have not fallen into the trap and gone into further debt to satisfy my immediate material urges. Standing in line in the cold morning, fighting with the crowd and then getting that dream item which you can get it anytime of the year if you look on the internet is what I stand for. And I have no urgent need to buy any upgraded electronic item when that item is of inferior quality as mentioned in some news articles. I urge everybody who is drowning in debt not to fall into this black Friday temptation and stays put and reduce your debt before you accumulate and pile more and stress out later.

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