Thursday, November 13, 2014

Is America a violent society?

This question often arises when talking about why there are so many violent crimes in the U.S. and why the U.S. is the only big industrialized country to incarcerate the highest number of its citizen in proportion to the population. The countries who treat the U.S. as a violent society are mostly in Europe and the industrialized countries of the Asia but others like the South Americas and Africa don’t even bother with that blame since they are also in the same boat. I can understand that the countries who are blaming the U.S. society for being violent are relatively peaceful themselves but they have forgotten their own history. And it is also true that the second amendment to the U.S. constitution giving the citizens the right to bear arms (debatable but for now I will leave it at that) is the most unique right very rare in any modern day constitution of any country. For example people say that Japan is peaceful because it is illegal to own guns and therefore the crime is low. But they forget that Japanese society also has its crime organizations and their TV shows are as violent as any in the U.S. (and sometimes even more), there past history is nothing to be proud about and they also have a homogenous population which means that their population consists of Japanese people only with same characteristics and cultural traits. Same thing goes for Europe too with most of the peaceful nations outlawing gun ownership but their past is nothing to be proud of either as they were embroiled in World War I and World War II and millions of people were killed and also if you go really back, the middle ages in Europe were no utopia too as killings were aplenty at that time.

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