Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Church closings

Recently the New York church announced that some of the churches will be consolidated with other churches as there seems to be a lot of churches with not enough members to sustain them financially. Firstly I don’t understand why you have to a member of the church, can't anybody join it without being a member. I believed before that since a house of GOD is built, in this case churches they should remain open irrespective of the congregation. Why do they say that there are too many churches and they need to consolidate them, meaning some of the church property will become vacant and be sold to financially help the newly consolidated churches. Do people need the church or the church need the people? There is something fundamentally wrong in this picture. The churches are there for spiritual guidance and they should not be place of grandiose architecture so that they are unable to maintain in times of crisis. Now some people are lamenting the loss of these churches but is it not the fault of the people too that they are not coming as much to the church and supporting it financially and by their participation. It is a two way street, first the churches are built so big and huge without thinking about how many people are there actively coming to the church and then when the attendance is not there then you have to start closing or consolidating it. According to me once a place of worship is opened there should be no need to close it and if it is just financial then it is both the fault of the people and the church administration and they should reflect on why this is so that the churches are empty and people are not coming.

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