Monday, November 10, 2014

Why I don’t write about pets-4

My idea of pets is slightly different than most of the other people. I use to have chicks and birds and parrots but it was long time ago when I was in my junior school years. But I like goat, cows and sheep too. And the horses I love the best. Although horses are traditionally not considered a pet but I still love them the most, they are the most beautiful of animals in my eyes. If you have noticed my love of animals being slightly different also has one key element, all of the animals that I described above serve dual purposes. Not that all other animals don’t have less importance as they may give you company and security but the animals I am describing gives you plenty of food and milk and transportation. For example chicken gives you eggs and more chicken and if you hungry, they can provide you will fat free food. The goat and lambs and cows are the same, they provide you with milk that you can either drink for consumption or sell it in the market and also in case of need you can eat them too. This will make some vegetarians and some other people squeamish but that we all (except for vegetarians) eat meat without thinking the way they are killed or prepared to come to our table. Horses provide you transportation even in places where you have other means of transportation and also you can enjoy rides on them when need be. If I had a pet I would have written about it even the ones that I mentioned above but for now the above reasons would suffice why I don’t write about pets very much.

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