Wednesday, November 12, 2014

How big is Space?-2

And even remotely by chance we know that there are certain numbers of galaxies with certain number of stars in each of them, we don’t know what is the weather pattern of each star, which one is hot and which one is cold, what is the length of each galaxy and the age of them. Is any of them contain water and can be habitable for humans. If you keep on digging further, your mind stops working after a while because even the scientists don’t know the above answers. It just seems like there is no end for the universe for if you start analyzing the sheer numbers, you will not be able to comprehend how vast this universe of ours is. My mind is already spinning round just think what is the length and breadth of this universe. It is a fascinating world out there which needs to be explored and I don’t believe that humans would ever be able to go to every corner or galaxy in their lifetimes. I am not a scientist but am fascinated by the empty space in the sky (which is not that empty once you start to think about all those billions of galaxies and stars). After existing for millions of years, we have just started to explore our galaxy and that too also on a nominal basis as it costs money and technology and sometimes it is not even practical to go near them by robots. I wish we could know more about all the galaxies and stars and be able to visit them but not in my life time and not in anybody else either as some of planets is inhabitable for humans and we cannot travel to nearby stars in our galaxy what to talk about other galaxies.

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