Saturday, November 22, 2014

Taken out of context

I have been hearing this phrase so much that I think that it has just become an excuse to try to control the damage that you have done. I am talking about people who say something so offensive about something that when there is criticism all around, they or their representative or their supporters try to control it by saying that the statement or whatever they have done have been taken out of context and it was not what they meant it or they were referring to something else. I believe that they are just trying to control the damage of what they have said or done and they perfectly knew and believe in their heart and are truth in their feelings about what they have said. It is when they are hit with criticism, they realize that they should not have said nor done what they believe and then they try to retract their statement but the damage is already done meanwhile. And it is not only in the U.S. but all over the world in different languages they say something but when people criticize them, then they scramble to say that their words were taken out of context and they did not meant to say that but this. Well they exactly meant what they said and if they are still not convinced in this day when there is technology over all over the place and everything is being watched and recorded, people don’t need to analyze what they were saying since that recording is the proof. Nothing is taken out of context and people are smart enough to see what the whole question and answer or speech was all about. So watch your mouth when you are saying something as it can hurt or damage you personally or your career.

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