Saturday, October 18, 2014

Writing about your life

Many people may have thought about it but have not gotten around to doing it and many people usually celebrities and people who had an extraordinary life experience have done it but for once I did thought about writing my auto biography but there are some things which are not so flattering that I would want the world to know about it or the world would not care. And another thing is that who would want to read a book about an ordinary guy like me writing about his life history when they have more interesting auto biographical books which seems to be more interesting and inspiring than an obscure guy sharing his life history. And unless you have a photogenic memory that you remember all the things important or otherwise, your auto biography would have holes that you can pass years through it. And it needs a certain amount of dedication and time discipline to follow through with it. Any for me it is hard to read other people’s auto biographies and I know that most of the normal people would not have the time or the inclination to write about what happened to them during the life time and I think that most of the auto biographical would omit many happenings in their lives which they would not want to bring out in the open. So with that auto biography is out of the picture for me (but you never know I can write some day my memoir or maybe not).

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