Monday, October 13, 2014

All enemies unite!

Now that the coalition of the forced is growing to confront ISIS (only from the air right now), you can see that the nations or people who were enemies before are coming together to fight this existential threat to their own countries. Although Iran has refused to officially join in the coalition but behind the scenes, they are engaging with Saudi Arabia and also talking to the U.S. who are their sworn enemy to at least how to contain this organization and set aside their differences for the sake of fighting together supposedly. The only known ground forces that are in Iraq are of Iranian origin as they have the greatest stake to stop ISIS of reaching Baghdad and the Shiite belt. But the U.S. in order not to antagonize the Arab nations has refused publicly to invite Iran to join this coalition although I believe that they will be the most effective force to confront ISIS. But refusal or not, there is ongoing cooperation between the former enemies just to fight a common enemy. ISIS has done one good thing that the hatred of it has united some as they say strange bedfellows as sworn enemies fight for to contain this organization from spreading in Iraq and Syria and maybe destroying them if they stay united for a while.

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