Saturday, October 11, 2014

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize-2

You see Malala is the second Pakistan to win a Nobel and the first female and Peace Prize, since there was another one, the Pakistani Physicist Abdus Salam who is completely forgotten since he hailed from the Muslim minority sect Ahmedi who are considered non Muslims in Pakistan and have been heavily targeted over the years by the majority Muslim sect. Both of these Nobel winners are not appreciated in their own countries but elsewhere around the world. Malala has been called the agent of CIA, the Israeli Mossad, the Indian spy agency RAW and is often termed as working against Islam. Meanwhile, Killers and Murderers are hailed in Pakistan because they are supposedly working in the name of Islam and are foes of the west. This xenophobic mentally has so much creeped into Pakistani Society that any achievement by any Pakistani outside Pakistan is considered suspicious and dismissed outright. The taliban have already showed their displeasure in this award and many other people in Pakistan with the same mentality have shown the same scorn against here. For example, some are saying that there are many young girls in Pakistan facing the same threat so why did Malala get this award. But you know haters will be haters and instead of celebrating their own kind, they belittle them. I hope next time Nobel should not be given to any Pakistani since they don’t appreciate anybody of their kind going on the top. And this is another prime example.

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