Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Does media drives agenda?

Yes sometimes and I may say most of the time, it does drive some particular agenda depending upon which media outlet you are listening and watching. If you see some news that is being repeated so much that you may think that it is the only thing happening around the world and other equally important news get buried to times where the audience is not that much. You can see for example lately the Ebola scare is all over the news and although very real danger emanates from it, other equally harmful and even more lethal diseases have been relegated or I should say neglected by the media in their quest to be the first one to report on all breaking news about Ebola. The same thing is now happening in Iraq and Syria crisis and with ISIS in the picture, all the news is being driven by media as it is hard to get information from the war zone. Some people specifically watch some channels or read some newspapers because that is the ideology that they rely on or believe in and some of the people without researching further believe most of the news coming out of the media as truthful even if turns out to be false later on or not incorrect. But my point is that the Media has gotten hold of people's views and they drive what should be the main story of the day even if there are other important stories to run. But be very careful what the Media anywhere in the world dishes out because they may be driven by the beliefs of their owner, management or following government dictates.

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