Saturday, October 25, 2014

The reluctant General of Pakistan-2

It is really strange that as soon as he left (or retired) the new General said that every attack by the Taliban would be met with equal and more forceful response and he has kept his word starting with the offensive in North Waziristan and following with tit for tat retaliation against any Taliban offensive. The whole scary scenario of blowback from the Taliban has not materialized and all is going well as of now. But back to the former General, why was he so reluctant to attack the Taliban, was he afraid of their attacks against him personally since it seems by the record that he left that he did nothing to prevent their attacks against civilian and military targets, was he too much concentrated on India to refuse to realize the Taliban threat or did he made a deal with the Taliban that they keep on attacking inside Pakistan for whatever reason and he would not wage war against them. Whatever maybe the case, nobody till now have questioned him why he was so adamant not to attack the Taliban, because as I said before, nobody dares question the Army chief about what he wants to do or not want to do. But to me the coming of the new chief has exposed the previous one of many questions that need to be answered as it seems that his reluctance to confront this menace has given great grief to Pakistani people who have lost their loved ones and increasingly the more deep you look into it the more you see blood of innocent people on his hands as his reluctance has exposed him as being a facilitator to all this madness that has engulfed Pakistan.

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