Monday, October 13, 2014

The rise of the ISIS (or IS or ISIL or DAESH)-2

Al-Qaeda is trying to compete with ISIS but is losing and there are now reports that they may be trying to merge into one which will be dangerous not only for the western world but also for the whole world because their vision to is to establish a caliphate which is ruled by one ruler and they have no concept of boundaries between nations. But who is funding this organization. Initially they captured some areas in Iraq and looted its banks to get their hands on millions or even billions of dollars and then they started to sell the oil that they came into possession to make the most financially sound and richest terrorist organization in the world. And with kidnappings and extortions and other assorted crimes (which they do not believe it is a crime let alone a sin) they have a self sustaining organization. But I don’t believe for a minute that it is their only source of revenue as it has been reported that wealthy individuals in the oil rich kingdoms of the Middle East fund this organization since they have a collective hatred of the Shiites and any other Muslim minority and can’t stand the fact that a Shiite government is installed in the lone Arab country. And it is not only the Shiites but also the Kurds who are also Sunnis who have bear the brunt of their attacks but the hatred of these people knows the bounds. And they will keep on killing until they are met with force. I will be writing more about this organization in later articles but for now this is what the world is experiencing.

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