Saturday, October 18, 2014

Plumbing issues

A few days ago, in my rented house, my upstairs tenant called to say that the tub was clogged and the water was not getting through the gutter and the same was the case with the bath sink and Kitchen sink. First I tried my regular plumber and he came and said that since he does not the machine and don’t know which one to rent, I should call a professional plumbing company. So I called one of them and they promised to come at the allotted time window of four hours. I was at the office and the asked the company to alert me when they are sending in the plumber so that I can be at the house. And surely they called me half hour before the time they were supposed to come and I rushed out of the office early to meet him at my tenant’s house. Well after he came and looked at the issue, he used his machine to unclog the drains and took almost an hour to do it. My whole point in narrating this in what I call an ordeal and stress is that it is not easy to maintain a house, less an investment property which can be a money pit if not properly and regularly maintained. I don’t have that many problems and when they come up it is hard to find money for these emergency repairs. So an emergency house fund is essential so that you are prepared for any unseen surprises in the maintenance of your house.

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