Wednesday, October 29, 2014

U.S. Military budget cuts

As you know my opinion (as well as most of the people's opinion) change overtime depending on the prevailing circumstances. A few of my posts may have said that in order to reduce the deficit, defense budget has to be reduced but it cannot since the Republicans don’t want to touch it because of national security issues. I now officially reverse my stand on this issue as we see the whole world crumbling down around us with everybody except for the United States chickening out since it does not affect them in some way. If you see around us, there is the outbreak of Ebola, although a health emergency but the U.S. has already sent in around 4,000 troops to build facilities in Ebola ravaged countries. And the crisis in Ukraine, although contained needs to monitored and in this case U.S. is again taking the lead but not sending any troops, just providing intelligence and other logistics to European countries to make sure Russia does not step beyond what it has already done in Ukraine. Then we have this huge issue with ISIS, the Islamic Militant organization overrunning large pieces of land in Iraq and Syria and trying to establish a so called Caliphate based on supposed Islamic laws. Before the U.S. stepped in and have a loose coalition trying to stop ISIS, no country was willing to take the lead in countering this menace to the world. Most of the European countries except of France and Britain with major contributions were standing on the sidelines. I don’t want to criticize which European countries are contributing to this fight and which are not (although I gave only two major European powers names which are contributing to it) but Europe has a huge Muslim population susceptible to ISIS propaganda.

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