Saturday, October 25, 2014

The making of a Horror Movie

By now after reading my blog through, you may have noticed that I love movies especially the scary ones. I don’t care if it has enough gore or no gore, as long it scares me; it is THE MOVIE for me. But you know, watching so many of them, you become very discrete of what you like and what turns you off even with enough scares. Story line is important but the end result after seeing these Horror movies is the same; you should expect a sequel with the overwhelming majority of movies since the theme is that evil never dies. By now I have shortened the list of themes available today in the Horror movie criteria. Let’s start with this one, gather for a few friends, mostly a diversified group of people and always include some females. One of the female must be some daring or loose character type, always flirting and showing off skin, one male should be a nerdy one or a shy one whom one of the girls in the bunch tease. Then all these bunch of friends drive to an isolated place, a hospital, a local abandoned area, an asylum and then they are sometimes invoke some demon, tell stories at night around a fireplace, have sex, explore the area or just are plan lucky enough to encounter a killer who have happened to be in that part of that area where they are partying. Then you can use your imagination in what ways you want to kill off the characters, whether the most obnoxious one goes first or the silent type goes last. Most of these movies have female leads taking the lead to fight the killers and survive but so does the killer.

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