Saturday, October 18, 2014

Finally low gas prices

I don’t know about other countries but after a wait which seems like eternity, gas prices have finally come down below the three dollar mark in my part of the U.S. which I am really glad and so I believe are overwhelming majority of people. Gas prices above three and sometimes four dollars a gallon mark were hurting many lower and middle class people along with numerous small businesses. These low prices can be attributed to the shale gas boom in the U.S. which has made the U.S. a net exporter of oil for the first time in more than 40 years (hope it lasts forever this time) and also the lower global economic growth that has been forecasted by economists. And all this despite the fact that much oil remains out of the global system because of the Libyan instability, Iranian oil sanctions and Iraqi civil war. My job is to locate the lowest prices of gas available at any station which is the on the way to my house and my chores and there are plenty of variations of it and I pass through six to seven towns during the week so I pretty well know which stations have the cheapest gas and they are usually the ones which are privately owned. All I know for now is that although some of the oil exporting countries may be hurting financially but for the common people like us the cheap gas is a huge blessing for me and my budget.

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