Friday, October 17, 2014

The Ebola Scare

This relatively new disease which had its original in the western African nation is rapidly spreading fast prompting the U.S. to gear in the panic mode. Already there have been more than 4,000 deaths from it mostly in its place of origin but the panic it has created in some countries is more alarming. Since it started in Africa and most of the victims are also Africans, there have started a subtle kind of racism as people have started to associate this disease with African and black people. Although anybody can get this disease but since most of the affected are black people so it would be only natural to have other people shun them. Although I am not saying it should be the case and I am not the one who would start this thing but I am just reporting what I have read. You know when it comes to one’s life, all forms of normal and ethical behavior goes out of the window. The reaction to this disease in the U.S. is such that even some person who sneezes or has a high people is rushed to the hospital and put in isolation to find out if he/she is free of the symptoms of Ebola. And although several countries have banned people from affected areas of Africa, the U.S. despite overwhelming support of it from the public has so far refrained to do that. I hope that this disease does not spread in the U.S. and they may find some way to contain it to a small part of the world but we should not shun the people from Western Africa as they try to struggle and save their lives among poverty and lack of basic health care.

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