Saturday, October 25, 2014

Careful with the relationships

I was hearing about news that how a stepfather killed his young step daughter because she soiled her pants and her older brother violently abused. The surprising part was that the guy had been arrested numerous times before and still the mother fell in love this guy and got married to him of all places living in homeless shelter. Now this begs the question, a man with so much prior arrest records got into a relationship with a woman who should have known better to trust him with her kids. Relationships are complicated but once the kids come in and you start dating someone else, you need to be really careful and make sure that the person you are in relationship with loves your kids unconditionally. I know that witnesses say that there were no signs of any tension between the two but you never know when somebody will snap. But if already know (how could you not will be the first question) that the person has been arrested not once not twice but several times for various offenses and you have not had a background check or not gone with him or her on enough dates then the fault squarely falls on you the person who is dating. We should be very careful of whom we are dating and if you don’t know the history of the person, then you should stay single rather than risk these kinds of relationships. I keep on reading these disastrous relationships that people get into and sometimes it ends up in tragedy like the one I mentioned above.

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