Thursday, October 16, 2014

To send or not to send U.S. ground troops to Iraq-3

As you know every nation has interests and as U.S. has interests in Iraq and Syria, Iran does too and it would be wrong to assume that they will let Iraq fall in the hands of ISIS. The U.S. and Iran see ISIS as an existential threat to the interests in the region. The difference is that Iran shares a border with Iraq and would not want a radical Sunni regime next door. Plus if the U.S. is reluctant to put its troops on the ground, Iran is just right there and they would not have the spend money and time sending their own troops to Iraq as they can do that even overnight. I know it is hard to swallow and even less agreement among the other coalition partners since they have been condemning Iran for its nuclear program and also labeling it with helping terror related activities and also the Arab nations don’t want Iran to come out strong with its partnership with western countries, but I believe that only Iran with the resources and large and capable armed forces with experiences in Iraq can help stabilize the situation in Iraq. As for Syria, it is now in a state of mess and except for a few areas, Syrian government is trying it's best to defeat the insurgents (freedom fighters whatever you want to call them, I reserve my comment.). With the rise of ISIS, there have been calls particularly from Turkey that a regime change should be on the agenda if we are to defeat ISIS. But there is no alternative proposed as of yet and there isn't any since many rag tag Jihadi groups are fighting there with their own agenda and plans. And the strongest one seems to be ISIS.

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