Wednesday, October 15, 2014

To send or not to send U.S. ground troops to Iraq-2

But since the Gulf and Arab nations already enemy of Iran and the U.S. not ready to antagonize its friends in the Gulf would not allow Iran to take on this combative role in Iraq. But although there seems to be no official cooperation between the U.S. and Iran due to the above factors, on the ground the situation seems to be different. According to reports not verified independently, Iranian Special Forces the Al-Quds force is already in Iraq with their advisers helping the Iraqi Military and the assorted militias to secure the Shiite shrines in Baghdad, Samara and Karbala and Najaf. I went to Iraq and Syria in 2011 and I can say this with surety that in Iraq, Iranian influence is everywhere, whether you see their products on the markets or the people visiting the Shiites in droves. You can find Iranian currency all over the Shrines and even some shopkeepers have learnt how to speak Persian-The language of Iran as most of their customers are Iranian. As the U.S. protects its citizens when they come under threat in other countries by either sending in the U.S. marines to evacuate them send them to fight the enemy, this is the same way Iran would go ahead with its forces securing the Shiite shrines and its citizens in Iraq. And a little read news if any was that the Iran leadership has already said that they will use whatever means necessary to make sure the ISIS would not take over the religious Shiite Shrines and not fighting them is not an option. So as the U.S. led coalition fights on from the air. Iranians have their boots on the ground whether the world likes it or not.

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