Saturday, October 11, 2014

The New India-Pakistan border Flare-up

This is what I say when I write about the India-Pakistan relationship. It is just an Illusion that it will get any better or they will become best buddies cooperating in many years. I am talking about the latest border skirmishes that has flare-up again in that part of the world. Fighting has been going on for the last few days with many casualties on both sides, despite encouraging signs since the new Prime Minister of India was sworn in. Now both sides are digging in and there have been lots of war mongering on either side. Although it will be useless to have a regular war between these two Nuclear armed nations, but any mistakes can lead to more and dangerous confrontation. And herein lies the problem that these border skirmishes happen for a while and then all goes quiet for a while and everybody take stock of the situation and then yet again something happens later in the future. It will always be an illusion that any sort of friendship will ever develop between these two nations but some hopeful citizens on both sides keep on trying vainly. There is too much hatred and animosity on both sides to have any meaningful relationship now and in the future. And so some more people die every time relationships deteriorates to such a point where firings and shelling happens and the border people suffer and some more people become widow and orphans and then life goes on but not for the people who are affected.

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