Monday, October 13, 2014

Coalition of the forced

Do you remember the time that when the second Iraq war or the first one started the coalition that the U.S. cobbled together was dubbed as Coalition of the willing meaning all the nations were involved supposedly by their own free will and the U.S. did not force any nation to join them in the wars. Well here we are at again that the U.S. has made another coalition to go after the ISIS, but I will say that it should be called Coalition of the forced. Although the U.S. did not force any nation but due to their own peculiar needs and fears, most of the nations especially the Arab and some Muslims one have joined it. Especially the Arab nations surrounding Iraq fearing the onslaught of an organization who believe that there should be no boundaries and loathe Arab monarchies have been forced to join this coalition reluctantly. You know I have been following this organization and their ultimate goal is to capture not only the Arab nations but also spread it throughout the world but their main goal is to capture the holy cities of Makkah and Medina in Saudi Arabia from where they can claim immediate legitimacy in the eyes of most if not all the Muslims of the world (especially the Sunnis) that is why Saudi Arabia is so scared since this organization does not believe in the house of Saud and they will do anything to eliminate them if they can and capture all the oil there is to pump and earn money.

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