Monday, October 20, 2014

Getting ready for snow season

For the Northeast part of the United States, summer is gone, fall is here and winter is not far behind and you know what that means, snow time. After resisting for the last seven or more years and having seen increasing amount of snow last year, my wife decided that we had enough of it and since we intend to live in this part of the U.S. we will have to invest in some snow blower. Although I resisted but you know that I lost four days last year due to excessive snow and because I was also using a shovel to remove several inches of snow and it is not easy to do that for hours in the cold weather. I will still have to use the shovel to clean stairs and narrow spaces under the cars and between the cars but the vast empty spaces behind the cars and onto the road, I will use the snow blower so that I don’t miss any more days to snow. It took us literally ten to fifteen minutes to assemble the snow blower which is a cordless battery powered one and started it to make sure it works properly. Now you can say that I am looking forward to snow so that I can try if the snow blower helps me avoid the snowed in days that I do not want to use since it cuts into my vacation time.

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