Friday, October 24, 2014

Canada under attack

Recently Canada came under attack by two people one allegedly inspired by ISIS and to the other one still sorting out the details but also no doubt inspired by Jihadists literature online and in some mosques in Canada. I have been to Canada and it is a beautiful and peaceful place with the most diverse culture and welcoming to all immigrants. You really feel very safe there and feel right at home with many different cultures, with excellent universities and recreation. I don’t know who would want to disturb the peace of such a country and more surprisingly who would get their hands on weapons which are strictly controlled and regulated in Canada (as opposed to the U.S.) and Canada does not show up in major international conflicts due to its small population and liberal attitude. As part of NATO, true it is obliged to send troops to Muslim countries but it is also a country with some of the highest number Muslims populations in the Western world as compared to its overall population. The only connection that the recent attacks is that both of the attackers were recent converts to Islam and became radicalized (like that is the first thing they have to do to after becoming Muslims). Now I am afraid that despite the calls to defy these acts of terrorism, Canada will start acting like the a country under siege (which it is actually) and there will be attacks on mosques and Muslims would be viewed negatively despite all the peaceful living Muslims living normal lives and every Muslim will come under suspicion. And unless we know all the information about the gunman who killed a Canadian soldier, we should not jump to conclusions but the initial reports coming out of Canada does not sound very encouraging.

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