Monday, October 27, 2014

Is somebody watching you always?

It seems that way because everywhere you go and see it looks like somebody is always watching you and surveillance cameras are in abundance. The most annoying and effective ones are the ones installed on signal which catch red light violators including speeders but the other ones installed on shops and stores and in streets are as effective since every time there is a crime, police always look for a security camera or surveillance tapes to see who was their when the crime happened. And many a times, the criminals dumb or stupid or daring enough to show their face in the act of crime are on the tape and from there on the pictures are released by the authorities and after a while with public's help sometimes, the criminal is nabbed. It looks like security cameras are being installed everywhere and not only in the United States but other countries have discovered the advantages of having these cameras installed to counter crime. Now the privacy issues comes which people raise that it violates their right. I know many people view their privacy very seriously but as everybody knows we have already surrendered majority of our privacy to social media and other websites and besides privacy concerns, most of the people agree that security cameras are now considered a necessary evil whether our privacy rights are violated or not since it has become an effective tool to catch cameras and nobody in their right mind would want to deprive law enforcement officials of this valuable crime fighting tool. So living with it is what we can all do and be careful what you do does not land you on a camera and in jail possibly.

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