Saturday, October 25, 2014

The reluctant General of Pakistan

You know if you have been following news, Pakistan’s army has launched an offensive in the violent lawless region of Pakistan called North Waziristan. After much prodding by the U.S. and giving up on it recently, change of command of the top General made this offensive possible. For the last six years when the former General (General Kiyani) was in command, despite numerous attempts and pressure by the U.S., the general was reluctant and even adamant that he will not be forced to launch an offensive with various excuses ranging from the blow back from Taliban to India-centric policy of the army to other unnamed reasons, he was very reluctant and even if I may say afraid to launch an offensive even when the whole country was in flames due to the regular Taliban attacks in Pakistan. During this reign as the army chief, nothing seems to change his mind as the militants (also called Taliban) attacked a naval base, air force base, even Army’s headquarters, but it seems that he was very much asleep at the Job. Several intelligence officials and thousands of soldiers along with thousands of ordinary Pakistanis died during this tenure as Army chief but since in Pakistan it is considered almost a blasphemy to question what the Military is doing, nobody dared asked him or even forced him to confront Taliban. So here my question is what was behind his almost criminal reluctant not be start an offensive against the Taliban. Nobody would ever know the answer as it is guarded like a state secret or you may say Military secret.

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