Monday, October 13, 2014

Coalition of the forced-2

As I was saying that this coalition has its own compulsion to be in it and the U.S. was the only one to lead it so they decided to join in. But seriously apart from threatening the western world and others, the Arab nations around it are very vulnerable and despite spending hundreds of billions of dollars on arms by some very wealthy Arab nations, they are not ready to confront an organization who are battled hardened, the brothers and sisters in beliefs and who are ready to die for their cause. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and the other gulf nations are scared despite being brothers in faith because they know that without west’s help they would not be able to stop this organization. There is already a great sympathy for it in the Arab and Muslim world and if the rulers don’t do anything about countering their narrative, they will be completely overrun by them. Other nations that have joined the coalition are worried that their nationals who have traveled to the Iraq and Syria and have joined this organization may come back one day to mount attack in their native countries and also to stop the spread this organization out of their own interest are in it. Any which way you want to look at it, all the countries are there for their own interests and the one that should have been there and can make the most impact is not. I am talking about Iran. More of this later.

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