Saturday, October 25, 2014

The making of a Horror Movie-2

If it is slightly good movie or even if it is not but was made cheaply but made a bunch of money, then you have to make sure your every Horror movie should end as a cliffhanger with the killer and the last victim surviving for the next battle. Then you have the other type of movie where it is not based on gore and blood but scaring you without being repulsive and for people who are more disgusted by the sight of blood gushing out of bodies than the natural ghost or haunted house or some object type movies. The found footage one has been very popular to the point of being on the really stupid side as you can only scare people with ghost stories so much. These two movie plots that I have mentioned above are the bulk of the Horror movies now being made and sometimes make enough money to last for years for film makers.' With this in mind, I was just thinking that if I try and have funds I can also on being a horror movie director. I may not have enough people but I can always hire aspiring actors and actresses who can be good victims for a killer in a movie with screams and fake bloods by the bucket. A hand held camera and a found footage style movie with a little help from the instructions videos on the internet and a few days (even using my vacation time) to make a movie which can be released on the internet and maybe go viral by word of mouth and make enough money to cover my expenses, pay the people involved in the making of the movie and maybe turn a profit and enjoy in the process. The idea seems to be too tempting to let it go to waste.

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